Financial Aid Policies

Communication from the FAO

The FAO is in communication with students all the way through the financial aid process. The FAO communicates firstly by email: prospective students at the email supplied on their admissions application and current students at their email address. Sometimes hard copy communication is necessary, at which point the FAO will use the student's mailbox or home address listed in the school directory. The FAO is happy to visit in person with students and/or parents in the Financial Aid office or over the phone during business hours.

Referral to the Office of Inspector General

If the FAO suspects fraud or some other type of criminal conduct involving Federal Financial Aid, they will notify the Vice-President of Business and Finance.   The matter will be investigated further, and if fraud or other illegal activity is confirmed, the VP of Business and Finance will notify the President of the College and mail a record of the findings to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Education.  The FAO, as well as the rest of the college, is expected to cooperate with the Office of the Inspector General at all times. 

Please note:  Defrauding the Department of Education is a serious crime.  Purposely submitting false information on your FAFSA, or applying for a Parent PLUS Loan without a parent’s consent or participation is a crime and can have serious consequences.