About CCCB


CCCB exists to educate biblical servants for a faithful life of kingdom ministry.

We believe so completely in what our students can do for Christ that we want to equip them through a quality education at an affordable price to keep their future ministry from being burdened by financial stress. That is why we maintain a low cost to attend and provide a generous scholarship program.  


Central Christian College of the Bible was founded in Moberly, Mo., with the purpose to "recruit and train leadership for the church at large according to the New Testament teaching."

Mission Statement Vision Statement Institutional Goals Core Values

Mission Statement

CCCB exists to educate biblical servants for a faithful life of kingdom ministry

Central offers residential, extension, graduate, online, and continuing education. Biblical servants are able to know, interpret, live out, and teach God’s Word.  A faithful life pursues doctrinal convictions, spiritual discipleship, and personal relationships. Kingdom ministry results from being equipped to function in the body of Christ within a local church, in the marketplace, or on the mission field.

Vision Statement

Innovative Ministry Education in Multiple Locations for the Christian Church

Innovative ministry education is flexible in delivery, responsive to the student, and focused on the future.  Multiple Locations include Moberly, St. Louis, Cincinnati, online, and other places where the church may need more trained workers.  The Christian Church fellowship of congregations is the primary audience for Central’s ministry training, while also serving the church at large.

Institutional Goals

  • Lifelong Personal Learning: Central provides engaging interaction with teachers and materials to equip people for continual growth in knowledge and wisdom through ongoing study.
  • Conservative Biblical Teaching: Central instills a traditional Restoration Movement understanding of Scripture, truth, and the church to shape an informed Christian worldview.
  • Faithful Christian Workers: Central prepares people to use their gifts for the kingdom, whether in the ministry, the mission field, or the marketplace.
  • Relational Spiritual Community: Central helps its constituents grow in discipleship through a faithful life of obedience within the body of Christ.
  • Wise Resource Management: Central cares for its assets and personnel to maximize availability for current and future constituents.

Core Values

  • Biblical Authority - We promote New Testament Christianity through the legacy of the Restoration Movement and CCCB.    
  • Community Discipleship - We encourage personal transformation through prayer and spiritual mentoring in a mutually supportive environment.    
  • Kingdom Collaboration - We partner with other organizations for more Christian workers, congregational success, and kingdom growth.
  • Personal Atmosphere - We attend to the needs, abilities, and plans of each student and constituent.    
  • Accessible Education - We offer valuable academic programs to develop Christian workers in various regions at an affordable cost.
Our Campus


Central’s main campus is located on 40 acres in the heart of Missouri

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