Student Life

Student Life

Student Life at Central Christian College of the Bible

At Central, we strive to help our students feel welcome and at home. Our team works hard to make sure students are given plenty of opportunities to grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Whether you plan to attend day, evening, or online classes, live on campus or commute, we invite you to be a part of the CCCB campus family!

Campus Life

Learning is not limited to our classrooms.  Ultimately our goal is to educate the mind in the classroom and let them experience Christian community in all things.  Through campus worship, shared living spaces, activities that are good for the body,  and finding friendships that are peace for the soul we strive in every way to mature our students for the ministry life they come to Central for. We teach and encourage Christian disciplines 

Housing & Dining

There is no better way to transition to an independent lifestyle than to start by making CCCB your first home away from home.

Spiritual Development

What is spiritual development? It is the process God uses to grow our faith and love for the Lord Jesus so that our hearts and lives will be transformed. By developing friendships with fellow students, mentors, faculty, community leaders and staff, SLCC promotes learning and growing your faith in community.

Spiritual growth is cultivated within our residence halls, classrooms, campus programs, chapel, one-on-one mentoring sessions and informal activities throughout the year.

Opportunities are numerous to get involved in serving in areas “outside your comfort zone” with faculty available to assist you in growing and serving the Lord in new ways.

Student Services

No student at Central Christian College of the Bible has to face the difficulties of college life alone. CCCB offers a wide variety of helpful services tailored to the needs of all students.

Student Handbook

CCCB's Student Handbook includes campus life information, lifestyle expectations, disciplinary guidelines, a directory of personnel, and other information helpful to current and prospective students.