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What is Authentic Purpose?

Destination ≠ Destiny

Your authentic purpose is the difference between your current destination and God’s ultimate purpose for your life. Central’s degree programs are designed to equip you to discover God’s desire for your life and ministry while being grounded in Biblical truth.

Beyond Expectations

Central’s mission is to equip you for Kingdom work, whether in ministry or the marketplace. We celebrate your unique gifts and provide opportunities to serve, learn, and lead. CCCB graduates thrive in diverse roles, from church planting and preaching to finance and working at ESPN. Whatever your calling, Central can help you answer it.

SEAL your purpose

Each of Central’s degree programs, as well as our scholarship structure, is built on the principles of Service, Experience, Academics, and Leadership. With a Biblical approach to each of these character qualities you will receive a higher education that goes well beyond a test score and will empower you do develop a habit of serving like Jesus, having experiences that reveal more than just what you’re made of, informing your passions, and the discipline of building up those around you.

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Each person's greatness is measured
by their care for others.
Sam Adams

"Central has been a place where I could come out of my shell and grow spiritually. I have been able to build strong relationships and find lifelong friends."

- Sam Adams, 2024 Religious Studies Major