Central's academic programs are grounded in the Bible as the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice of the church. Our focus is on developing kingdom-minded students to minister in the church and marketplace. We do this by modeling for, and encouraging students toward, faithfulness in the Lord, creating an environment in which they can evaluate God's plan for their lives, and preparing them for a changing ministry environment.

God's Word

In terms of credit hour requirements, a Central student will spend more time in Biblical Studies courses than any other subject. As one supporter put it, “Central is the college with ‘the Bible’ in it!” We are committed to this emphasis on Scripture. Since the Bible is the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice of the church, it is the basic text of study at Central.

Explore our Degree Programs section to see what we offer to prepare students in Bible and Ministry. All two-year and four-year degrees include a significant amount of study in the areas mentioned above. Each program is designed to prepare students for multiple career possibilities, some of which are described.

Our Campus


Central’s main campus is located on 40 acres in the heart of Missouri

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