Institution Resources

The college embraces the opportunity to be part of the local and regional support network for churches, friends, and partners. We have expertise we enjoy sharing. We have unique and rare access to information that is helpful and enlightening.  We have people who love Jesus and want to engage and support your community. Check out these resources and opportunities to engage with Central: 

CCCB Bookstore

The Bookstore is a unique resource for Central Missouri. We have the only christian book and church resource store in the heart of Missouri. We have a large selection of bibles, Christian resources, gifts, and we even have a laser engraver to make some of our gift that much more special and personalized.   So whether you are looking for clothing, books, Saints gear, or academic and church resources...we've got you covered.

Pulpit fill for Central Missouri and St. Louis area churches. 

Cindy MacMillan, Church Services Assistant, serves our churches by helping supply short-term or long-term pulpit fills.  We lean on our trained students, faculty and staff, and alumni to serve your church for a weekend or for even a few months if necessary.  Check out our Ministry Opportunities, Email Cindy MacMillan, or call her at 660-263-2900 x210 or 859-365-8980 if you need help.  

Campus Facilities to Rent

We have several campus facilities we make available.   Accessibility to our facilities is year round and include access to classrooms, dorm rooms, gymnasium, meeting rooms, and food service.   Availability varies based on campus activities and events but we are happy to house your next summer camp, hold your next planning business or civic meeting, or have your wedding or even a funeral. Email Janeil Owen or call him at 859-684-7510 to explore your options.  

Learn More About Our Campus Facilities

Camp Teams

Looking for confident and capable additions to your church camp faculty teams? Central camp teams are ready to bring their enthusiasm and skills to contribute to your camp ministry. Whether it's leading worship, being cabin parents, or helping organize activities, our students are ready to help guide campers to find and follow Christ.

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