Student Services

Student Development Suite

Student Services Hub is on the second floor of Pelfrey Hall. It is a great place to hang out with friends in between classes and take a breather. It is also a great place to find some informational brochures about local events and opportunities, which may be helpful. Snacks are also provided periodically throughout the semester, so swing by often!

Student-Led Ministries

At Central, we encourage students to serve in whatever capacity they feel gifted. We do this by allowing students to petition to lead different ministries at the college, from visiting the local nursing homes to bringing coats to homeless people in Columbia. Our students are creative in dreaming up ways to serve God's kingdom.

Student Center

The Walton Student Center is a great place to hang out between classes or late (or early!) into the night. We offer a wide variety of activities in the student center, including ping-pong tables, televisions with cable, pool tables, and much more! The Walton Student Center is also the home of the Harvest House.

Student Counseling and Life Assistance

No student at Central Christian College of the Bible has to face a difficult situation alone. The following counseling services are available to students:

  • Academic counseling through the Vice President of Academics, Registrar,  and Faculty advisors.
  • Career counseling through the Compass Coordinator, The Vice President of Student Development, and the Faculty.
  • Financial counseling through the Vice President of Business and Finance Administration and the Financial Aid Officer.
  • Personal counseling (including premarital and marital counseling) through the Faculty, Administrators, and the Vice President of Student Development.

Students with continuing or severe emotional problems are sometimes referred to off–campus counselors and agencies for professional treatment. The College maintains relationships with several Christian counselors in the area.

Disability Services

Click Here to learn more about Central's Disability Services.