Honors Program

Join a group of highly motivated collegiate scholars in pursuit of excellence in academics and biblical truths.

Dive deeply into the Bible, and discover the theology and philosophies that have shaped our understanding of it. Uncover the timeless truth of the inspired and authoritative Word of God and gain lasting friendships in this intimate group of academic adventurers. You’ll get the chance to travel to thought-shaping conferences and events.  Challenge yourself with curiosity and honor the Word with your diligence. Become an Honors Student today!

Course of Study

The Honors Program can be completed as part of any four year degree and is designed to give you the opportunity to pursue in-depth study. Here’s how the experience is structured:

  • Field Trips
    One trip is taken each semester to a seminar, conference, exhibit, or attraction.  These trips provide an academically interesting experience while giving the group time to connect and bond over their shared pursuits.
  • Honors Study Group
    Honors students meet regularly with the Honors Program Director for a deeper dive on subjects of interest to the group.
  • Academic Service Opportunities
    Honors students get the chance to serve as tutors and teacher assistants during their time in the program.


  • Library check-out privileges enjoyed by faculty and staff
  • Mentoring through close interaction with professors
  • Exclusive access to an Honors Program Study Room in the Library
  • The Honors Program is designated on official transcripts and diplomas

Eligibility & Requirements

  • 3.5 GPA or higher
  • score 25 or higher on the ACT