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Dr. Fincher, President of CCCB, wrote an article for the Christian Standard that detailed the reasons for attending a Christian College.  Much of what needs to be said about why parents should support their child coming to CCCB is there.    There are a few others, though, we want you to consider:

  1. Safety - We are the safest campus in Missouri.   For three years in a row we have had zero incidences on our campus involving the police department because of CCCB students.   We have not had to report a single incident of a student theft, student harassment, and student abuse of any kind.  We attract students who embrace respect for Christ and and others and out of that comes students with high character, high ethics, and high standards of personal behavior.   
  2. Intrinsic Value - Most of the world considers education an instrument to get a job and there is no doubt that is true.  Educational training should result in more career opportunities. Education, though,  is so much more than just getting a J.O.B., it's about being educated.   It's about developing skills that can transcend subject matter knowledge.  It's about being able to articulate and support an argument; being able to communicate across different modalities; being able to do research and form a thesis; being able to analyze information and form conclusions.  These are all necessary skills for just surviving the internet let alone a career or life.  Now consider how much is it worth to you if your son or daughter transforms their church or their community because of how they were shaped at Central?  There is no dollar amount that can be placed on a person's eternity and that is our specialty. 
  3. Cost - We continue to be the most affordable Bible education in the Midwest.  Not only do we bend over backwards to make this affordable through scholarships and grants, but we also make sure we have incredible scrutiny over every dollar we spend. This level of accountability means we are doing our best to serve as an example to our students about good stewardship.  

The Next Steps are simple.  Visit.  Encourage your student to apply.  Finish your Financial aid forms and then get them enrolled with CCCB.