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Alumni AssociationThe Association of Saints & Heralds (ASH) is a group that recognizes the unity and history of the College through students who attended as Heralds (our first mascot) and Saints (our current mascot).

The purpose of ASH is to help Central better engage our past students and personnel to celebrate our heritage. This helps us continue our mission (“Developing Servant-Leaders for the Church”) and recognize our vision when we see it (“Dedicated Disciples who Know God’s Word and Serve His Kingdom”).

ASH is for all of our graduates, former students, past employees, or past board members of CCCB.  They are invited to sign up for a yearly membership each calendar year at no cost.  By providing updated contact information each year, ASH members will be entitled to several benefits:

●  Priority access to ministry openings,

●  theTORCH weekly update by email,

●  Availability of special edition CCCB merchandise,

●  Special reception/reunion at campus events, and

●  A $5 discount for campus event tickets for ASH members and their guests.

Different categories of membership are available with specific benefits:

Bachelor’s Graduate

Continuing education classes (subject to availability)

Associate Graduates & Former Students (12+ credits earned)

Discount on reactivation fee when resuming a degree program at Central

Past Personnel (Faculty, Staff, and Board members)

Bookstore discount

ASH will replace the current C3A, but any C3A members who already paid lifetime membership dues will still be eligible for all benefits that were promised to them.

It is easy to join ASH.   Just fill out the form below.  

We look forward to keeping in touch with the Association of Saints & Heralds members throughout the year.