What is the CCCB Difference?

Embracing you

We recognize that you have gifts and talents unique to you.  It may sound like you are the focus of our work but the secret to our success is not you at all.  It's about connecting you to the One that made you, called you, and is preparing future works for you.  We ground every student in biblical truth and understanding and then help shape the manner in which you are going to go into the world and share the truth of Jesus.

Of course, we have alumni who are preachers and worship leaders but did you know we have people who work at ESPN and in the NBA.  We have authors and speakers and have alumni who have created hundreds of businesses. There are teachers and there are police officers who all started with us.   What makes us different, we recognize the unique nature of how God has created you and will do all we can to shape your knowledge, faith, and spirit in such a way to maximize your calling.  David Banner stated, "Self knowledge that is pursued apart from knowing our identity in relationship to God easily leads to self-inflation." We are in the business of preparing graduates with this understanding.

Now there are some practical areas that separate us too!

  • Students get their own dorm rooms (no roommates unless YOU choose one). 
  • No semester BOOK costs (unless you choose to buy one for your personal collection).
  • We are the safest college in Missouri (according to Campus Crime Reports).
  • Incredible location (smaller community with easy access to bigger city).