Manna Projects

Powered by the Minuteman Fund

To help Central's donors provide practical assistance for campus projects, Central is launching "Manna Projects." This platform, powered by The Minuteman Fund, encourages friends of the College to enhance the campus locations and strengthen student retention efforts.

Minuteman donors have been on the leading edge of supporting Central for many years. Central invites students, alumni, and parents to join forces with this historic group to meet unexpected campus needs. As many people come together to support these Manna Projects, it will be like the manna provided by the Lord for the Israelites.

Your support of Manna Projects brings these key benefits:

Responsive Giving - Donors who participate in The Minuteman Fund have demonstrated prompt and timely gifts when a need arises. As a new Manna Project is identified, these donors are notified and asked to contribute immediately.

Tangible Improvements - Manna Projects bring practical and visible improvements to the campus. The Minuteman Fund brings specific enhancements to benefit students.

Donor Engagement - “Minutemen” are strongly connected to the College and its needs. They want to see the direct results of their contributions and understand their impact on the lives of students and the campus community. Manna Projects invite them to support their passions and interests.

Agility and Flexibility - Manna Projects are smaller in time and cost, making them able to be accomplished in a timely manner. Emerging needs receive priority attention.

Collaborative Decision-making - The College’s leaders listen to input from students, staff, and supporters for potential Manna Projects. Donor feedback helps shape decisions about future projects to be funded. (You are invited to give your input at the bottom of this page.)

The Minuteman Fund demonstrates the power of collective giving and the college's commitment to continuous improvement for its students. It symbolizes the strong partnership between the college and its donors to positively impact campus life through meaningful Manna Projects. Sign up for information about Manna Projects at

Read about the latest project below, help however you can, and then share with others.

Current Manna Project

Updated Basketball Goals and Clock

Central Christian College provides student-athletes with exceptional academic and athletic campus experiences. To keep the facilities operating at a high level for these competitions, the basketball backboards need to be upgraded with new shot clocks and lights synchronized as the buzzer expires. New regulations in college basketball necessitate this upgrade.

New shot clocks comply with the latest rules, enhance the competitive spirit, and improve the overall game for players and spectators. Installing lights that indicate when the buzzer expires complies with new rules. It also allows for reviewing those heart-pounding, last-second buzzer-beaters! When the game comes down to the final fraction of a second, athletes and fans want to be completely confident of the outcome.

Your support will help pay for this project without spending funds budgeted for other educational purposes. Athletes give of themselves to represent CCCB when they compete on the field and court. Your gift to Central significantly impacts students by achieving vital projects like this one. Donate today to help beat the buzzer! Let's continue to make Central Christian College a beacon of excellence in academics and athletics. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me by email ( or cell/text (859.684.7510) at any time.