Manna Projects

Powered by Minuteman Fund

To help Central's donors provide practical assistance for campus project, Central is launching a new series called "Manna Projects." This platform, powered by The Minuteman Fund, encourages friends of the College to enhance the campus locations and strengthen student retention efforts.

Minuteman donors have been on the leading edge of supporting Central for many years. Central invites students, alumni, and parents to join forces with this historic group to meet unexpected campus needs. As many people come together to support these Manna Projects, it will be like the manna provided by the Lord for the Israelites.

Read about the latest project below, help however you can, and then share with others.

Current Manna Project

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine

The first Manna Project is to buy a new soft-serve ice cream machine for the cafeteria. The old machine, which served faithfully for more than 15 years, stopped working and is too old to be repaired. Can you help replace the machine with your special over-and-above gift?

Ice cream is a special treat that brings joy to students and professors alike. It's a way to celebrate accomplishments, reward hard work, and enjoy a moment of happiness during a busy school day. Unfortunately, without a working machine, we cannot provide this simple pleasure to the hungry Saints.

It will take $3,000 to purchase a new soft-serve ice cream machine that will serve our school for many years. Another $2,000 will pay for the ingredients for ice cream through the end of the semester. And reaching the challenge goal of $10,000 will cover the ingredients through the rest of 2023.

Your support will help us reach this delicious goal! And if you're ever around Central during a meal, you are welcome to enjoy an ice cream cone at CCCB!