Summer at Central

Dear Friend of Central,

When I tell people that I work at a college, they often ask if we are very busy during the summer while the students are gone.  Although it is true that some people take time off in order to spend time with their families and relax, there are still plenty of activities.  Some of them are very visible, but others are harder to see.  Let me describe our summer at Central.

In May, the skies cleared and the temperature warmed enough that we could install the new roof over Pelfrey Hall.  Donors had generously given in December to provide what was needed in addition to reserved funds to save us from further leaks and damage. 

The Lang Hall and Spurling Hall lobbies are being remodeled this summer, using funds given by attendees at our Men’s and Women’s Banquets during the spring.  Our residents will enjoy the comfortable and attractive furniture, flooring, and features.

After over thirty years of usage, the sound booth is being expanded and rebuilt in order to better accommodate the technology we use for chapel and productions.  This will provide better security for the equipment, and more efficient usability for those who operate the new digital sound board, projection computer, Internet streaming, and lighting controls.

While those things are easy to see, there are other activities that aren’t readily visible.  Camp team members are travelling around the country ministering at conferences and camps challenging teens to consider training in Bible and ministry.  Staff members are on the phone and online helping incoming students finalize their requirements to enroll in August.  Faculty members are preparing courses that will instruct and challenge students to grow in their faith and service.  Each of those things is important as we prepare to begin our 58th year of service.

Your gift makes a difference as we begin our new fiscal year and finish the necessary preparations.  Our mission of developing servant-leaders for the church continues with every new student who walks in the door.  None of it is possible without the churches and individuals who work together to pray for and support Central Christian College of the Bible. 

Until students register in August, gift income is all we have to pay many of the expenses for the preparations I mentioned above.  Thank you for considering a generous gift this month. 

For Christ and the College,

David Fincher, Ph.D


P.S.  Starting in August, our monthly donor letter bundled with their monthly newsletter.  This will not only save us postage and processing costs every month, but it will allow us to draw extra attention to the issues that matter most to donors like you.


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