Financial Aid

To pay for educational related expenses, including semester fees, books, and living expenses,  several different funding resources are available for the student desiring an education at Central Christian College of the Bible.

Central participates in the following Federal Student Aid programs: PELL and FSEOG grants, Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct student loans, and Federal Direct PLUS loans. In addition, a limited number of on and off-campus Federal Work-Study jobs are available to qualified students.  To view the eligibility and criteria requirements as well as the rights and responsibilities of students and institutions apply for Federal Student Aid, please refer to the Department of Education's Funding Your Education Guide.  If you have questions, please the contact the Financial Aid Office.  


1. Each semester, Central will have 100 open Full-Tuition Scholarships available to new or transferring students who have been admitted into a degree or certificate program and    attend classes on our Moberly campus. This scholarship will equal the cost of tuition up to 18.5 hours of study per semester. Students who do not receive a Full-Tuition Scholarship will receive a Central Scholarship equivalent to 80% of their tuition up to 18.5 hours of study per semester. If, after one semester, a student has met Academic, Christian Service, and Chapel expectations, the student will receive a Full-Tuition scholarship for the second semester. Central Christian College may also award a Full-Tuition Scholarship to additional students in certain circumstances.   

2. To maintain the scholarship, students must meet the following requirements.

a. Students must continue to meet Central’s published Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements. Students meeting these requirements will continue to receive the Full-Tuition Scholarship (FTS) until they have completed their first bachelor’s degree from Central. Complete information about Central’s SAP standards can be found in the Academic Catalog.

b. Students are required to do 30 hours of Christian Service each semester. In order to maintain the FTS, a student must complete 80% of the required Christian Service Hours.

c. In order to maintain the FTS, students must attend 80% of all chapel services each semester. If students do not maintain their Christian Service/Chapel requirements, they will only receive 80% of the FTS the following semester. Eligibility may be regained when a student once again meets the Christian Service/Chapel requirement.


Students who are awarded Full-Tuition Scholarships will see a tuition charge on their student bill. However, they will also see a credit for the FTS on their student bill. The scholarship will be disbursed in three (3) disbursements each semester so there will be three (3) scholarships listed for each semester. The first disbursement will be at the 10% mark of the semester and the second will be at the 30% mark and the final disbursement will be at the 50% mark of the semester. After each disbursement, if a credit balance is created on a student’s account, the college will return the credit balance to the student within 14 days.


In order to receive Federal Student Aid, a student needs to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, more commonly known as the  (FAFSA).  The FAFSA may be completed any time after January 1st of each year but most families wait until after they have filed their taxes from the previous year. In order for Central to receive your FAFSA information you must provide Central's federal school code, which is 014619.  For more information please visit Central's webpages on how to apply for financial aid.  

Once you have completed the Federal Application process, you will be sent an award letter listing the aid being offered as well as instructions on the next steps of your financial aid journey. 

There is some type of financial aid available for almost every student who attends Central Christian College of the Bible. Whether it is the benefit of the Full-Scholarship alone, or a combination of Federal, State, or private grants and loans, the Financial Aid Office will help you determine the aid for which you qualify.

A Code of Conduct has been provided for your review. The Code of Conduct is required by the Department of Education and is followed by College's employees who participate in helping students obtain financial aid in order to defray the cost of their college education. Please click on the link above to view the document.


The COA is the total amount it may cost a student to go to school.  Central's Financial Aid Office figures what the COA will be for each academic year.  This includes more than what one might pay at registration.  COA may include, as mandated by the Department of Education:  Tuition & Fees, Books & Supplies, Transportation, Personal Miscellaneous Expenses, Room & Board, and Dependent Care.  For costs that a student might incur at registration, please check the Admissions tab on our website and go to COSTS.  This will give you the actual charges a student may incur at registration.  

For a complete listing of all items that make up Central's COA, including the average amount spent by our student body  on transportation and personal miscellaneous expenses please see page 16 of Central's Financial Aid Handbook