Online Education

Central Christian College of the Bible's Online Education Program provides the same academic excellence we offer in the campus classroom, but in the virtual classroom. You can take classes with our first-class professors from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the benefits of a relevant higher Biblical education.

Basic Information

CCCB's online program is meant to be flexible and convenient. The classes are 8 week long intensive courses. Students are expected to set aside 15-20 hours a week for each online class. Online classes usually consist of several components: reading assignments (about 100 pages a week), video/audio lectures, discussion forums, test/quizzes, and writing assignments. The exact mix is determined by the professor in order to meet the learning objectives of each class, but generally these are the main categories of online class work. There are no set times that you will need to be on, but you will need to meet deadlines to complete course work.

Online Education

CCCB currently offers the following certificates and degrees online.

Associate of Biblical Studies - A two year degree focusing on Bible and ministry for those with no other College credits earned.

Bachelor of Religious Studies (Christian Leadership) - A four year degree that utilizes credits earned from other colleges and two years of study to complete a Bachelor's degree.

Bachelor of Science in Bible - A four year degree that offers a Bible major with selected courses in general studies and ministry.  This degree can be completed entirely online.

Bible Certificates - The Certificate of Bible & Ministry is a 16 credit certificate that can be completed in one semester of full-time study or two semesters of part-time study.  The Certificate of Biblical Knowledge is a 32 credit certificate that can be completed in one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study.