Degree Programs for Ministry and More

If you are looking for a place to study God's Word, to grow in a Christian community, and to do ministry wherever God leads you—then CCCB is what you have been looking for!

Central Christian College of the Bible is an accredited four-year Bible college offering full-tuition scholarships!  Central's accreditation qualifies CCCB students for federal financial aid, which can be applied to those fees. Central students have the unique opportunity to receive a solid conservative theological education from an excellent institution, earning an accredited degree which they can apply to graduate programs all over the nation, and entering the ministry or mission field with little or no educational debt.

Central offers ministry degrees in the areas of Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Cross-Cultural Ministry (Missions), Preaching, Biblical Research, Christian Ministries, Youth & Family Ministry, and Worship Arts.  Click here to find out about our ministry degrees.

Central also offers career training through a partnership with Moberly Area Community College that allows a student to receive a Bachelor's degree from Central and a certificate from MACC in many vibrant fields that can be used for missional occupations.  Click here to find out about our options for missional occupations.

Central students can also pursue range of co-operative majors in association with other institutions. A co-operative major commonly involves two years of study at Central and two years at another institution. Students typically receive an associate's degree from Central and a bachelor's degree from the co-operative institution.  Click here to find out about our options for co-operative majors.


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