Preaching Ministry

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Career Opportunities

Students who graduate with a Preaching Ministry degree regularly serve in churches as a pulpit minister.  Some students may serve as an associate minister in a larger church while gaining experience in a multiple-staff setting.  Ample opportunities to supply preach and conduct weekend ministries are available for students during their time at Central.  After graduation, students may pursue advanced degrees from a seminary to develop specialized leadership skills.

Program Goals

The Preaching Ministry major can be developed either within the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.  In addition to those degree goals, students in Preaching Ministry will be able to do the following:

  1. Be conversant with the nature, function, and responsibilities of the pastoral ministry with emphasis on preaching, Biblical leadership, and congregational development.
  2. Plan and prepare Biblical sermons with application to the needs of the congregation.
  3. Provide legally and religiously responsible counseling, guidance, and referrals to persons in need of ministry.

Preaching Minor

The Preaching program is also available to be added to any Bachelor's degree by completing the following requirements.