BRS - Christian Leadership

Candidates for the Bachelor of Religious Studies degrees already have earned or plan to earn a substantial amount of college credit from another institution.  While at Central, almost all of a BRS student’s classes will be in Bible and ministry.   BRS students may also add a minor and/or certificate to their degree.

Onsite Program Contact: Professor Stuart Liegey (

Online Program Contact: Dr. Eric Stevens (

A student in the Bachelor of Religious Studies – Christian Leadership degree must earn at least 60 credits from another institution and 68 credits in Bible and ministry from Central.  This degree is for students who desire to serve in paid or volunteer ministry in a local church or parachurch organization.  This degree is available both onsite and online.


In order to enroll in a BRS – Christian Leadership degree program, a student must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Students must have attended at least two years of college at an accredited institution besides Central.
  2. Students must have earned at least 36 credits of approved general studies courses at an accredited institution with a grade of C- or above.
  3. Students must have earned at least 24 credits of approved open elective courses at an accredited institution with a grade of C- or above.

Christian Leadership Apprenticeship (CLA)

BRS students may apply for an apprenticeship with the College during their final semester of education. Students will not be paid for this service, but will have any expenses incurred while completing this requirement covered by the College.

During the apprenticeship, the student will get an inside look at ministry through involvement in the programming of the College.  A CCCB professor or staff member will be the student’s primary supervisor, although involvement may be in a variety of areas.  This apprenticeship will teach the student responsibility, organization, and leadership skills.  Not only does the College benefit from extra labor in important areas of ministry, but the student benefits from personal mentoring by an employee.

Students determine specific activities of responsibility, which may be chosen from the following (with approval):  SALT leader, student recruiter,  tutoring, working at on-campus events, teacher assistant, travelling to churches, targeted reading and reports, community ministry leadership, and other duties at the College.

BRS students also may choose to complete a Field Education Experience (SALT301).  Online students fulfill their CLA requirements through a local church or parachurch ministry with supervision by a leader in their region. 

Onsite students can complete the 68 credits from Central in two years of study.  Online students normally will enroll for an eleventh session to complete the program in 26 months of continuous study.

General Studies transfer requirements can be met with completion of an Associate of Arts degree from another accredited college that meets Missouri’s 42-credit requirement for general studies.