Youth & Family Ministry

PCM 245              Foundations of Youth & Family Ministry               3 hours

Provides an overview of the role and work of the youth and family minister with regard to developing a total youth program and training youth workers.  Attention is paid to philosophy of youth and family ministry as well as to strategic planning and implementation. Issues of personal character and integrity are addressed. (View syllabus)

PCM 245 DL                     Youth Ministry Dynamics                           3 hours

Focuses on the organization and administration of an effective youth program for the local church.  Characteristics and needs of today's youth are examined in order to meet those needs through the gospel.  Included is a history of youth ministry, developing a personal philosophy, goals, qualifications, socials, staff relations, retreats, discipleship programs, and other administrative duties required to develop a balanced youth program.

PCM 336                         Youth & Family Counseling                         3 hours

Assists the student in his dealings with young people and their parents. Principles of counseling are discussed and applied to young people. Stages of development and common problems are also examined. 

PCM 342                           Youth Ministry Methods                            3 hours

Various models of youth ministry are addressed and measured against basic components that are needed for a healthy youth ministry. Guest speakers are utilized extensively in dealing with a wide range of practical areas such as recruiting sponsors, VBS, Christian service camps, special programs, and trips.