Career Certificates

Tuition-paid, Practical Instruction for a Vocational Career in the Community, the Church, or the World!

Central Christian College of the Bible helps our students receive Career Certificates from Moberly Area Community College.  Here are some benefits of this program.

  • MACC courses are tuition paid for up to 33 credit hours, including course, student, and technology fees.
  • Career courses are taken during the junior and senior years, while the student continues full-time enrollment.
  • MACC certificate courses fulfill the vocational major requirement of the BRS-Missional Occupations degree.
  • Students learn marketable skills for careers that are in demand and useful for church, parachurch, or missions work.


Available Programs

Business Accounting Technology
: Bookkeeper, tax assistant, payroll clerk, accounts payable/receivable clerk
Ministries:  Parachurch support staff, church treasurer, missions forwarding agent 

Business & Office Technology
: Executive assistant with an emphasis in executive, legal, or medical areas
Ministries:  Church secretary, parachurch support staff, or bivocational minister

Computer Information Technology - Networking
: Network administrator (LAN/WAN), telecommunications specialist
Ministries:  Similar support staff in church or parachurch ministry

Computer Information Technology - Programming
: Computer programmer, computer & information systems manager, database administrator
Ministries:  Similar support staff in church or parachurch ministry

Drafting & Design
: Preparation for employment in the design of civil engineering or architecture
Ministries:  Companies that build facilities for churches, Christian schools, and Christian community housing

Early Childhood
: Daycare and/or preschool teacher, director of preschool or daycare, owner of facility
Ministries:  Church daycare and preschool programs, home daycares, and Christian children’s homes

Graphic Arts
: Graphic designer, web page designer, technical illustrator, desktop publisher
Ministries:  Parachurch support staff, church communications director, designer of promotional materials

Industrial Technology
: Conventional machinist, CNC operator, tool and die maker, industrial maintenance technician
Ministries:  Bivocational minister or volunteer leader in a local church, work in developing countries

:  Advertising or marketing representative, sales-person, manager or entrepreneur
Ministries:  Manager in a parachurch ministry, missions forwarding agent or church administrator

Welding & Metals
:  Metal worker, welder
Ministries:  Bivocational minister or volunteer leader in a local church area of service

Policies and Costs

  • Courses are available through several campuses or online.  The total cost for a student to complete these certificates vary based on whether taking courses as a residential, off-campus, or on-line student.  However, the tuition at MACC is covered by the Central student's full-scholarship.  (See cost details by clicking here.)
  • The Certificate Enrollment Fee for Career Certificates (32-34 credits) is $1000.  The Certificate Enrollment Fee for Specialized Certificates (16-19 credits) is $500.
  • Career certificate courses from MACC only apply to the BRS-Vocational degree from CCCB, but may be taken by any bachelor's degree-seeking student.
  • Certificate enrollment fees at CCCB must be paid before pre-registering for classes at MACC.
  • Financial aid is available through a consortial agreement between CCCB & MACC, allowing the student to maintain full-time status.
  • Central pays for 33 credits of courses at MACC.  Students may choose to take available hybrid or online courses by paying the additional course fee.  Any MACC course dropped or failed is subject to the course retake fee at Central.
  • CCCB students pursuing a career certificate from MACC take 15 credits during their third year (6 in the Fall, 9 in the Spring) and 18 credits during their fourth year (9 in the Fall, 9 in the Spring).
  • Internships for MACC certificates may be fulfilled through work with the staff of CCCB if available. 

For questions about Career Certificates, call 1-888-263-3900 or email