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Transfer to Central

Students at Central may apply course work from other institutions to their degree.  Credits transferred do not affect a student’s GPA at Central, but are used to determine class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior).  Students who have received college credit via dual credit in high school courses or from other college courses are required to have the college granting credit to send a transcript before any credit can be applied at Central.

Credits which are earned at accredited institutions and apply to a program at Central are fully accepted, provided that the grade for the course is a C- or above.  Comparable credits earned at non-accredited institutions may be accepted provisionally, subject to validation by the student satisfactorily completing 15 hours work at Central with a C (2.00) average.

Credit for Prior Learning

Central may accept up to 15 hours of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) if it has been transcripted by an accredited college and applies to a CCCB degree.

Correspondence Credit

Central Christian College of the Bible may choose to accept a maximum of 30 hours of accredited correspondence credit toward a degree, providing that it applies to the College’s degree requirements and is accompanied by a transcript from an accredited college.

Examination Credits

Central accepts Advanced Placement (AP) scores of 3 or higher for college credit in place of general studies courses.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores of 50 or higher may also be accepted in place of required general studies courses.  Each examination is worth 3 hours of college credit.  Central’s test center number is 6145.

The following chart displays which Central courses are fulfilled by CLEP exams.

CLEP/AP Examinations CCCB Courses Fulfilled
Any History or Social Sciences exam History elective
Any Science or Mathematics exam Intro. to Physical Science
Natural Sciences or Biology Intro. to Environmental Science
College Mathematics or College Algebra Contemporary College Math
Any Foreign Languages exam Foreign Language Elective
Any Literature exam Literature Elective
Any Composition exam English Composition

Graduate Programs

As a nationally accredited institution, Central’s bachelor’s degrees are accepted into many graduate programs at universities and seminaries.  Seminaries often give preferred admissions and standing to students from Bible Colleges.  The admissions office has information about suggested graduate schools into which Central students may transfer to complete master’s degrees in a variety of areas.

For more information about principles of transferring from Central to other colleges, please consult the Statement on Transfer Credit.