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McCoy, GeneMinister, Singer

    Mr. McCoy is coming to the end of a 25-year preaching ministry at the Christian Church of Mountain Home, Arkansas.  That church and its members are strong financial partners of CCCB.  He served as chairman of the CCCB Board of Directors from 2000 to 2019.  He

    Gene (’76) and his wife, Becky (Whatley) (’77), as well as their three children are alumni of CCCB.  The McCoys are transitioning to new opportunities in the mid-Missouri area to be near their children and grandchildren.  Gene is beginning the training to become a hospital chaplain for the next phase of his ministry.

    Gene says, “Preparing leaders who are committed to the effective proclamation of the timeless gospel message in an ever-changing world energizes me in this work.  Helping to provide an environment in which our faithful teachers and staff members may fulfill our mission is a contribution I am satisfied pleases God and, I trust, empowers our ministers of Bible education.  Serving on the Board of Directors is one way I may express gratitude for the training I received and experience I gained while a student at CCCB.”


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