Saints GPS


Why Do We Exist?

Saints GPS exists to equip and empower students and graduates to serve Jesus in the church, marketplace, and mission field. Our goal is to walk alongside students in their academic career assisting them with their professional preparation whether discerning their vocation, degree, or professional career. We recognize Kingdom ministry occurs both in and outside of the church building and seek to assist all students in understanding and serving within their God-given vocation as they become dedicated disciples who know God’s Word and servant leaders for the church.

What Do We Do?

The task of Saints GPS is to equip and train students in professional development by providing guidance as they navigate their professionalism and spirituality. The development of the Emerging Adult stage of life has resulted in a demographic of students who live in a highly stressful, digital world with constant influences attempting to help them define their identity. Saints GPS seeks to give CCCB students space to reflect on their purpose and time to think deeply about their desires as they develop a biblical perspective and discover their identity in Jesus Christ. Growth opportunities are provided through discernment discussions, curriculum interaction, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Serving Our Students and Our Employers

Saints GPS is a department within Student Development under the direction of the Vice President of Student Development.  We serve both students who are wrestling with questions like purpose and direction while also serving a greater community by connecting opportunities to students.

Where is the Office?

Saints GPS is located in the Walton Student Center on the campus of Central Christian College of the Bible.