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Professor Emeritus William Walton

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Professor Walton’s Biography

“Preach the Word and preach it boldly.” Mr. Walton has been training preachers and counselors at CCCB since January of 1980.

William Walton was born and reared in rural Illinois and started farming in 1955. He also joined the Army in 1955 and served for two years (20 months in Japan) and another year as an active reservist. After being released from the Army, Mr. Walton attended Lincoln Bible Institute from 1957-1961. He then transferred to St. Louis Christian College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with emphases in Christian Ministries and Education. He earned a Master of Divinity from Lincoln Christian Seminary (now Lincoln Christian University) and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Webster University. He also completed all course requirements for a D.Min from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Mr. Walton began preaching in 1958. He has held ministries in Illinois, Arizona, and Missouri. He has chosen to hold a weekend ministry throughout his last 20 years at Central even though the ministry at CCCB has kept him very busy. In addition to preaching, Mr. Walton served as Chaplain at John Knox Village of the Ozarks, served on various boards for ministries, and volunteered as a chaplain for various hospitals and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s department.

The students at Central could not have had a stronger advocate than Mr. Walton. In the fall of 1981, he began serving as Dean of Students (later Vice President of Student Life) and maintained this role for 25 years. He regularly championed the student body and their rights. He also served as the Athletic Director many of those years and was regularly found with his wife cheering for Central’s teams at their games.

Mr. Walton loves preaching and the local church. He has put both of those interests to good use at Central. Training preachers, mentoring them, and helping them find ministries (while in school and even after they have graduated) are common activities for Mr. Walton. He encouraged students to supply preach so they could put their learned skills in practice.

In addition to training preachers, he has taught many Christian counselors through the years. Through those courses, Mr. Walton helped students learn how to help people with real world situations.

Mr. Walton’s partner in life and ministry is his wife since 1958, Shirley Brannin Walton. They were blessed with a son, John, and a daughter, Judith (Judy). Both John and Judy graduated from CCCB and are active in ministry. They are also thrilled to have three grandsons and two granddaughters.

Student Appreciation:

I think that the one leader from CCCB that has influenced me the most would be Mr. Walton. Mr. Walton has such a passion for teaching his students that cannot be denied. Even when he is ill he pushes through as much as he can just to be with his students. Mr. Walton has so much knowledge about counseling and ministry that he is a great person to learn from. He has had a successful marriage to his wife for over fifty years. This is something to admire and strive for in our own lives. This shows how committed he is to the things that matter to him. He always has a story to share and his students really learn from that. He has a gift of storytelling that captivates you and puts you on the edge of your seat. Other things about Mr. Walton that influence me are his patience and kind spirit. In the classroom I have never heard him raise his voice or be disrespectful to a student. He has never made anyone feel inferior to him or put them down for their opinion. He is thought-provoking in the classroom and makes you really think about the subject at hand. Mr. Walton influences me because he makes me want to learn as much as I can. He makes me want to be a better people helper and to always be kind to others. Mr. Walton is a great teacher, counselor, mentor, and friend. – CCCB Graduate

Walton Watercolor
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