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Professor Emeritus Gareth Reese


Professor Gareth Reese has been teaching students how to study the Word of God since 1957. Born and raised in northeastern Indiana, he graduated from Garrett High School in 1950 and was ordained to the ministry by the First Church of Christ, Garrett, on July 19, 1954. During his days at Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary, he held ministries in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. He was also assistant minister at the Lockland Christian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. While in Seminary he traveled with a quartet and played basketball.

He earned three degrees while at Cincinnati: Bachelor of Arts in 1954, where he was the valedictorian; Master of Arts in 1955; and Master of Divinity in 1957. Further post-graduate work was taken under Merrill C. Tenney at Wheaton College. In 1983 he received a Master of Arts in Library Science from the University of Missouri.
Since 1957, he has taught primarily New Testament and Greek, but also courses in missions, apologetics, and archaeology. He was head basketball coach for 14 years and athletic director over 20 years. During that time, he helped start the Midwest Christian College Conference. From 1958 to 2001 he served as Central’s Librarian. He served on evaluation teams for the Association for Biblical Higher Education and on the continuation committee of the North American Christian Convention. For twelve years he served as evangelist with several churches in mid-Missouri and has served others with interim ministries.

As an author, Professor Reese has written extensive course syllabi on eleven books of the New Testament, and a syllabus of 400 pages of supplementary notes for use in Greek classes at Central Christian College. His first commentary, used as a textbook at many Bible Colleges, was New Testament History: Acts, and New Testament Epistles: Romans. Over 50,000 copies are now in print and it has been translated into Russian and Portuguese. His second book, New Testament Epistles: Romans has also translated into Russian. In addition to these books, he has published commentaries, including: Hebrews; 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus; 1 Corinthians; 1 & 2 Peter and Jude, James and 1, 2, & 3 John, Galatians, and 2 Corinthians.

Professor Reese has presented to churches, colleges, and conventions, topics of interest, such as the Holy Spirit, the World of the Occult, the Second Coming of Christ, elders and deacons clinics, and archaeology. His wife and partner in ministry and publication is Kathleen Beerbower Reese. Beginning in 1957, she served as CCCB’s Bookstore manager and served in this capacity for over 49 years. In addition she taught Church Secretarial Training, Shorthand, and English classes for the college. They were blessed with two sons, Jonathan and Timothy.


“The person who most filled the position of a model to me would be Gareth Reese. Mr. Reese is usually very busy and difficult to spend time with outside of class. The age gap is also a factor as well, but he always takes time to answer every question he can after class, giving as much time as is needed. His life, past and present, has been a model to me while at Central. To hear about his dedication to the work of Central in the earlier years and to see how he continues to live his life now gives him great credibility with me. He not only cares deeply about his Lord and his work, but he cares deeply about each of the students as a father cares for the development of his children. These are evident in his thorough classes and prompt discipline. He has taught me to search for truth in my study of the Scriptures, even if it demands sacrifice and is not appreciated. I have learned that a committed follower of Christ will produce fruit that transcends many borders and challenges. I have also seen how to persevere through ailments and difficulty.” -CCCB Graduate

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