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PlumbsCaleb & Melanie (Worstell) Plumb (‘02)

Caleb and Melanie have been in ministry at Encounter Christian Church for 13 years (encountercc.tv).  For the last 6 years they have both worked outside of the ministry to make ends meet. At first, they were worried their work at Encounter would suffer since they had to divide their time between their ministry, outside jobs, and three kids! They have found that the opposite is true.  Melanie explains, “We can see there are things God is doing in us and through us because of our work that we wouldn’t have experienced in full-time ministry. Our faith has grown because we have had to step out of our comfort zone and enter the lives of hurting people, who don’t always believe and accept the word of God.”

Caleb’s job as a driver’s education instructor has put him in unique situations to share his faith. While he mostly helps teenagers learn to drive, occasionally adults from foreign countries take the course so they can obtain a valid drivers license. On one such occasion, Caleb was driving a man from India and shared his faith with this Hindu man. The man was very open to hearing what Caleb shared, especially since this man’s sister had just become a Christian. The timing was from God!  Another time, one of the students he was driving had a classmate who had recently committed suicide.  Caleb was able to pray for the young man and help him receive comfort from the tragedy.

Melanie works as a paraprofessional substitute in the elementary school. God has taught her over the last few years of working there that the job is not about her. She is there to do His will, whether that is comforting a crying preschooler or praying with a struggling teacher.

“This world is hurting and so many turn to things other than God for comfort and truth. Working outside the church has opened us up to the needs of this world and given us a compassion we might not have had otherwise. It is not easy doing both ministry and these outside jobs, but I think we are better people and pastors for it.”

matthew clairMatthew Clair (‘11)

Since graduating from Central in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Preaching, Matt Clair has taken a tent-maker approach to ministry.  He now works for a Forbes Top 10 Company on the West Coast, which allows him to be bi-vocational.  At the same time, he is planting and networking several linked organic home church movements throughout the Pacific Northwest. Matthew helps in establishing and building leadership for sustainable groups to have every member functioning and to have low to no overhead.

Matthew has been involved with Francis Chan, Frank Viola, and Leonard Sweet to form Mastermind groups.  The goal is to grow bi-vocational models for transparent, vulnerable, and authentic congregations without spectator/liturgical/hierarchical models. While at Central, Dr. Micheal Curtice inspired his zeal for the organic priesthood of ALL believers functioning!

Matthew is married to Candace, and they have two sons, Elijah (11) and Josiah (8).


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