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Issue 8: July 2019

Online Degrees Equip Students From Across the Country

Nathaniel Littler, Dr. Jamie Franke, John Teal

One way CCCB fulfills its mission of developing servant-leaders for the church is to offer online degrees that equip students from across the country for greater service in the church. This is illustrated in stories of two graduates from the Class of 2019.

John Teal graduated in May at 61 years of age. He attended Bible college earlier in life, but never completed a degree. While working in Southern California, John decided to complete his bachelor’s degree and found our online program was a practical, affordable choice. John said that Central was very generous in accepting his previous college credit, enabling him to complete his degree in a timely manner. In addition, John wanted a doctrinally conservative college associated with the Christian churches and found that Central was a great fit for him.

John said that his education at Central helped equip him for ministry in two ways. First, his classes helped him grow academically and become more mature in understanding the Scriptures. He had studied the Bible for many years, but his formal studies provided a framework to help develop his mind further. Second, his classes helped him achieve greater clarity about the work God would have him do. John began a ministry called Common Grounds (www.cgunity.com) to promote and pray for unity of believers within the Restoration Movement. His education at Central better equipped him for this ministry.

Nathaniel Littler was 24 years old when he graduated as Valedictorian of the Class of 2019. He is from Ohio and earned his entire bachelor’s degree online at Central. After completing high school, Nathaniel was encouraged by his church to attend a college associated with the Restoration Movement, and he learned about Central. Nathaniel chose to work in an online program because he wanted to stay in his home area and make a difference in the kingdom of God. He found that his courses at Central were very applicable in the various ministry roles he has filled in the local church. Nathaniel emphasized that even within an online program, he could apply the material he learned in class to his personal ministry. In addition, Nathaniel found that his online education at Central challenged him to a deeper relationship with Christ and challenged him to further the kingdom of God.

John and Nathaniel are just two examples of students who come from different life stages, locations, and backgrounds. Yet they found that online education could challenge them academically and equip them for ministry in the kingdom of God. We look forward to seeing how God will use these servant-leaders in His church.


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