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My Journey to Central: Aileen Goehringer

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Aileen Goehringer

How did you learn about Central?

I learned about Central from my two brothers (Joseph and Daniel) and sister (Emily), who graduated from Central. I also know a number of people that have attended Central.

Why did you choose Central?

Having family attend CCCB beforehand is part of the reason why I chose Central. I was familiar with the school. Also, Central happened to be the best option for me. From visiting the campus, I fell in love with the community and the small size. Everyone I met made me feel so welcome and I wanted to become part of that.  I am here with the goal of graduating with a degree in counseling.  I do not currently have any plans for after college, but I do have ideas and dreams.

Do you have a favorite class?  Why?

During my first semester, my favorite class was Christian Discipleship.  The whole class was so enlightening and I enjoyed learning from Mr. Ammon.

Aileen and her family.
Aileen and her family.

Tell us about your family.

My father and mother moved to Delaware after they got married and learned about God from a neighbor. My father now is a preacher in a Church of Christ. My mother is a stay at home mom, who raised eleven children and home schooled all of us. Yes, I am the ninth child of eleven of Frank and Debra Goehringer. I have four brothers and six sisters, two of them younger than me. There is so much to tell, for my family just keeps growing.

How have you been involved in ministry and on campus?

At Central I have been helping with a children’s ministry at Capital City Christian Church in Jefferson City.  I played on the volleyball team, and I also play piano in chapel when I am needed.

I am thankful to Central for giving me the chance to grow and for being loving and helpful.

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