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From a very Abigail Larayoung age I knew that I wanted to become a psychologist. The human race is a very intriguing subject, for me anyway. But I soon found out that, for the most part, this world wants nothing with Christ. I desperately wanted to continue my research of the human race but I knew that it would be difficult for me to integrate Christ into my work. After much prayer and waiting on God, I received a letter in the mail from Central telling me that I had been accepted into the school and that they offered a counseling program. At first I doubted that His answer could be that straightforward so I looked into other colleges. It took me almost a month before I finally realized that Central was where God wanted me to be.


Abigail's familyI first learned about Central from a summer camp team member. My father went to speak to the teens about the ministry he does in Des Moines. I don’t remember why I went exactly, but I think it was because he needed me to sing for him while he played the guitar. (My father is a minister for the Latino community in Des Moines, Iowa.) Afterwards, I remember sitting and waiting for my father to finish talking when a student from Central came over and started talking to me. That is where I was first introduced to Central.

At home I was heavily involved in the youth ministry. We didn’t have youth group nights on Wednesday like most churches. Instead, every Monday we would meet together, and I would sometimes give devotionals.  Because most of us didn’t go to the same school, I would think of different ways that the group could be in fellowship with one another.

I am majoring in Christian Counseling because I want to help people as much as I possibly can. After college I plan on getting my doctorate in Psychotherapy. I want to move to a third world country. I’m not sure where God wants to send me yet, but wherever He sends me, I pray that I am willing to go. Wherever I am sent I want to open up a home for girls who have been a part of sex trafficking. I want to be able to counsel them and help them become strong enough to be able to go back into society and stand on their own.

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Abigail Lara, Freshman

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