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IMG_3876Chris Reynolds, CCCB Class of 1994, is Central’s newest board member.  Chris is the preaching minister at the Ninth Street Christian Church in Eldon, MO.  In addition to preaching on a weekly basis, Chris teaches Sunday school classes periodically during the year, teaches a Middle school class on Wednesday nights, serves as dean at the area church camp, volunteers at the food pantry each month, and is the director of the Upward Basketball through their church.  He has been married to Bobbi Jo for 22 years on June 18, and they have five children.  Lucas, their oldest, just completed his freshman year at Central.  Their other children are Benjamin, Nicole, Emilie, and Nathan.  Chris describes himself as a man who loves the Lord and his family, loves to serve others, and is a hard worker.

Chris’ Ministry Profile in His Own Words

Longevity in Ministry – I have served my last two churches with nine year or longer ministries, shepherding and walking with the local churches through many challenges and opportunities.  This faithfulness has created stability and consistency.  This has not always been easy but very much worth it.

Worked Well with Leadership – Through relationship building I have attempted to build an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect that have allowed us to face challenges in a strong way.  I enjoy joining with others for the sake of accomplishing a goal.

Compassionate Leader – In each ministry I’ve served in, my gifts of compassion and mercy have grown and allowed me to connect with people in hurts and struggles and be a help to them through those times.

A Love for Kingdom Growth – I take great joy in seeing the kingdom of heaven expand in its reach.  I love to enable this by using my gifts and resources to work to this goal personally or to enable others to do this in other parts of the world.

A Heart to Serve Others – Through our Upward Basketball program that I’ve help lead, various mission trips to Guatemala or Taiwan or acts of service in our church body, I enjoy doing things for others.  I am energized by helping someone else achieve or experience something better in their life.

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