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Chad-profile-pic-300x300I originally attended a local private college to pursue my education. However, the cost of tuition was beyond what I could afford. So my wife and I began looking online for affordable options. One of the colleges we found was Central. Upon looking into the school’s beliefs, areas of study, and the type of professors I would have the opportunity to learn from, the decision was heavily favored toward Central. After looking at the degrees available, I realized Biblical Studies not only would be in my areas of interest but would benefit all ministry areas where God might put me.

Being able to study online has done wonders for my family. It allows me to schedule class hours and my school work around the needs of my family. During my last semester of my current degree we had our first child, which caused a whirlwind at home. I am blessed to have been able to have the flexibility to fulfill my school requirements around the demands of a growing family, full-time work, and serving within my ministry.

The online education at Central has provided a saturation of quality courses. One class I think really aided me in finding my passion was Basic Biblical Theology. I realized that Theology, the study of the nature of God and religious beliefs, is at the very center of what most of us desire. To know truth is central to many of the questions asked in today’s world in and outside the church.

My favorite aspect about all of my professors is their desire and willingness to assist me as much as possible. Every question I asked was answered quickly and accurately. For that, I thank and applaud the professors at Central.

I have been employed at CedarCreek Church for the past year and a half. My role is Student Ministries Pastor at one of our campuses. I have the honor of serving middle school, high school, and college age students. I also have a creative role by helping to write curriculum, planning attractive atmospheres, and creating services for these ministries. The magnitude in which my education has helped is hard to measure but can be clearly seen. In writing curriculum, I now have education in how to study scripture and ability to present this information in creative ways. There are many other dynamics that I am leaving out that I don’t realize come easily for me due to the time spent at Central.

I think that an online education is something easily overlooked. At first I was weary of not setting foot in a classroom. However, Central addressed and took care of all my concerns. Missing out on an opportunity to learn from gifted professors from home and around a life that can get busy would be a mistake. Don’t miss this opportunity.

(You can learn more about our online program at cccb.edu/future-students/online-education.)

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