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One of the great opportunities that Central requires students to complete is a Field Education Experience or an internship. Each student seeking a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree is required to complete an internship where they will serve in a located ministry under the supervision of an experienced leader. Field Education Experiences provide a way for students to really experience what it is like to be in ministry and be in the behind-the-scenes work. Professors prepare students with helpful tools to use in ministry in the classroom and the internship gives the student the chance to put that knowledge into use. Each field experience can look different from the next, as no two students are the same. These internships are an opportunity for students to really find where they best fit and how they best work.

The variety of opportunities that students can choose from is abundant, so we try to fit everyone where they feel they would best serve. Below are reports from three senior students who recently completed their internship requirements.

DSC_7946Ian Costandi, from Clinton Township, Michigan, completed his internship last fall at Forum Christian Church in Columbia, Missouri. While there, Ian said, “I was treated as a priority during my time here. Before the internship began, we had a conversation about the experience I was looking to gain, and they designed the internship based on how I answered.” He felt that business administration experience was the most helpful aspect for him because he had little training in that area before he served with Forum. Ian finished his education at Central in December 2015.






Elise EhresmDSC_7887an, from Quincy, Illinois, interned last summer at Discovery Ministries in Eminence, Missouri. She said, “Discovery Ministries was an eye-opening experience that challenged and prepared me for living life in ministry. DM’s purpose is to use God’s creation as a classroom to introduce people to God and help them mature spiritually, intellectually, and physically.” Elise is completing her final semester at Central and has accepted a position with OceanPointe Christian Church in Rhode Island.










Dr. Micheal Curtice

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