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Issue 8: July 2019

Entrusted Gifts, Wholehearted Work

In December 2019, Professor Bill Walton will retire upon completing his 40th year of teaching ministry students at CCCB. While no one can replace Mr. Walton’s presence on campus, the Christian counseling program he originally designed and has taught to many students will be passed to a new group of leaders.

Dr. Kris Small joined the CCCB faculty in July 2019, moving with his wife and children from southern Indiana. Dr. Small brings a wealth of counseling experience in both church and clinical contexts. He also has significant academic preparation, including two M.A. degrees, an M.Div. in Theology, and a Ph.D. in Counseling. He formerly taught at Louisville Bible College and Liberty University.

Returning to the classroom for a second year is Mrs. Cheryl Botkins, a 2014 CCCB graduate from the Christian counseling program. Cheryl is the counseling minister at Timber Lake Christian Church in Moberly and is completing her master’s degree in clinical counseling from Central Methodist  University.

One initiative developed in our institutional plan is “Enhance current programs to meet employment expectations.” Based on collaborative development, a new and revitalized Christian counseling program has been designed, which will equip students to become counselors serving in a variety of ministry contexts.

CCCB’s counseling program has always been a popular option for prospective students who are called to minister to others. The improvements below will help it grow in enrollment and continue to be a vital part of our academic offerings.

New Opportunities

These changes are being implemented because of the need for marketability, employability, and practicality. Students need a program that is recognized for excellence and exposed to the various needs of people. It will also enable students and graduates to find meaningful employment in the counseling field while preparing them with the essential disposition and practical skills to serve effectively. It is a program that provides three career paths for our students: ministry in the church as a pastoral caregiver, graduate studies to become a licensed professional counselor, or community work as a case manager as early as their first year of college. The new Christian counseling major is designed to open opportunities for students during their studies as well as after graduation.

New Courses

Beginning in the Fall 2020 semester, counseling students at CCCB will have new courses in their program that better prepare them to minister in the 21st century church and world. Courses like Career Counseling, Issues in Human Sexuality, and Foundations of Community & Christian Counseling will equip students to address the challenges of the contemporary family and provide a Christian voice in an age of confusion. These additions are essential to keeping the counseling major relevant to the challenges facing churches and society. Other courses in the program will be retained but receive new names, descriptions, and materials, such as Theology of Soul Care that concentrates on biblical integration into the practice of counseling and the life of the counselor.

New Internship Experiences

The current Christian counseling program requires students complete a 300-hour internship during their final semester, typically completing it just prior to graduation. However, it only allows the student to experience a single counseling context. If the student decides not to be a counselor, it is too late to change programs. The new program is quite different. Students will take a one-credit internship course over six semesters, starting their sophomore year. This provides the opportunity for long-term experience and exposure to multiple counseling contexts from a congregation, school, community organization, and other professional clinical settings.