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Six employees and two board members were honored for their years of service at our annual Employee & Board Appreciation Banquet in early 2018.

10 years – Aaron Merritt

As Director of Information Technology, Aaron keeps the campus computers, software and network operational. He has worked to improve the infrastructure and Internet speed during his years in IT. When a student or employee has a problem, Aaron is quick to help them solve it. Once they are back in working order, he returns to the project he had been working on. With technology always changing, we are glad to have Aaron’s consistent service.

10 years – Lori Peter

As Director of Student Services, Lori is responsible for the mail room, Student Council and overseeing the Harvest House. That makes her very popular with students! She also coordinates new student orientation and assists with commencement. Lori is the “mom away from home” for many of our students. She is the one they go see when they need to know how to fix something, are sick, or just need a mom’s perspective.

15 Years- Dr. Jamie Franke

While at Central, Jamie has served as a part-time professor, online teacher, and now as Online Coordinator. Jamie works hard at all he does to benefit the Kingdom. When the the Online Coordinator position opened, Jamie stepped in and followed the strategic plan to see the program expand. Through his efforts, Central’s online program continues to grow. Jamie is also the preaching minister at First Christian Church (Vandalia, MO).

15 Years – Chad Summa

As Professor of Old Testament, Chad makes the Old Testament come alive to his students. He keeps them alert by walking through the classroom while he teaches. Chad also demonstrates proper priorities to the students by making time for his wife and young children. Chad is working towards a doctorate degree and studies hard to stay relevant for his students.

16 years – Dr. Dan Lowry

Dr. Dan Lowry (Warrensburg, MO) served on the Board of Directors for 16 years before retiring in January. Dr. Lowry’s career was in public school and higher education. He has also served as a minister in a local church for many years. His knowledge of the public and higher educational systems helped the Board of Directors guide the College.

44 years – Dr. Dan Curtis

Dr. Dan Curtis (Warrensburg, MO) retired from the Board of Directors after 44 years of service. Dr. Curtis’ knowledge of higher education and public relations was an asset throughout the College’s development. A former chairman of the Board, he also served on the Student Success and Advancement Committees. He is the longest serving board member in the College’s history.

60 Years – Gareth L. Reese

Professor Gareth Reese has been teaching students how to study the Word of God since 1957. During his 60 years at Central, he has been also been Central’s librarian, basketball coach, and athletic director. In addition to teaching in the classroom, Mr. Reese has written extensively on 25 books of the New Testament. He writes a monthly column in the Restoration Herald.

60 Years – Lloyd M. Pelfrey

Lloyd Pelfrey has had many titles in his 60 years at Central Christian College of the Bible: Old Testament Professor, Academic Dean, President, Emeritus Professor, Chancellor, and President Emeritus. “Professor” continues to be his favorite. Mr. Pelfrey still teaches in the classroom and online. He remains a dedicated student and preacher of the Word.

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