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Collaborative Programs Will Benefit Students and Alumni

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Two recent collaborative agreements with regionally accredited institutions have expanded the degrees and programs students can pursue.

In 2017, we signed an agreement with Moberly Area Community College (MACC.edu) to benefit students on our Moberly campus. They were already eligible to pursue career programs at MACC. Now students can earn an Associate of Arts degree at no additional cost. This allows them to transfer as a junior into the general range of degree programs of a college or university.

In early 2018, we reached an agreement to become educational partners with Hope International University (HIU.edu). Based in Fullerton, California, HIU offers online undergraduate and graduate degrees that are regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Many of their ministry programs are also accredited by ABHE. Under the leadership of Dr. John Derry, HIU has pursued collaboration with several churches, colleges, and missions organizations. Enrolling more than 2,500 students online and in various locations, Hope International University is one of the most innovative schools in our Christian Church brotherhood.

Our new agreement will make it easier and more affordable for our students and alumni to pursue Hope’s educational options. Because we use the same online learning platform, our students can function well in HIU courses. Our students will pay the same price for HIU undergraduate courses that we charge (currently $275 per credit).  This is almost a 40% reduction from the price HIU normally charges. Students can easily register for courses to earn a degree from either or both schools.

This agreement brings several benefits.  Both online students and campus students will benefit from additional general studies courses, flexible scheduling options, and specialized courses that we haven’t developed. Studying with other teachers and students outside of the CCCB family will provide a richer learning experience.

Also, students will be able to earn any of Hope’s regionally accredited online degrees in conjunction with their studies here. Programs in Human Development, Business Administration, and Teacher Preparation can be added to an associate or bachelor’s degree taken from Central. This equips students for career and ministry leadership opportunities our current programs can’t provide.

For alumni, there will be a simple, low-cost path to earn an additional degree from Hope. Whether pursuing one of the above programs or a regionally accredited Christian Ministry degree, our graduates can finish in as few as 30 credits by transferring up to 90 CCCB credits into the program. Central alumni will pay a very low tuition rate, and the college has no cost in making this program available.

Collaboration with schools such as MACC and HIU increases the value of our education to students seeking programs  beyond what we offer.  Our newest partnership with Hope International University provides affordable, flexible, regionally-accredited online degree options for our students and alumni.  For more information about utilizing our partnership with Moberly Area Community College or Hope International University, contact Dr. Eric Stevens (660-372-2499 or ericstevens@cccb.edu).

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