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You Can Help Us Finish Modernizing the Ferneau Center

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As part of the “Growing our Legacy” campaign of 2010, several improvements to our auditorium were identified. Renamed in 1999 as The Ferneau Center (in honor of Dr. James & Lana Ferneau), it has served as our campus venue for chapel services, sports competitions, and special events. In order to modernize this facility and make it more usable and attractive for years to come, we have completed several projects already.

  • The walls were repainted and new padding was installed to match our school colors and provide safety for players.
  •  A new roof was installed to stop leaks from damaging the ceiling tiles and floor.
  • A wood floor was purchased with special donations and installed in 2014. It was refinished to match our school colors and logo in 2015 and dedicated as the Coaches’ Court to honor the men and women who have coached our court sports.
  • New sound equipment was installed, including a digital sound board, amplifiers, and speakers to improve the quality of music and announcing for our events.
  • Video projection and production systems were purchased, including a triplewide projection system and Internet streaming hardware and software. This improves the appearance of our events in the room. It also enables us to provide a high definition stream to parents and others who want to watch our activities online.

Over $40,000 in gifts have been identified to help us finish renovating the Ferneau Center. It will be a much more attractive facility for our students and the public to experience. You can see three different projects pictured below.

We still need a little more than $35,000 to complete this project this summer. There are several ways you can help us finish updating the Ferneau Center.

  1. Become a Section Sponsor with a gift of at least $5,000.
  2. Become a Row Sponsor with a gift of at least $1,000.
  3. Become a Seat Sponsor with a gift of at least $250.

All sponsor-level gifts will be recognized on a permanent display in The Ferneau Center. To make your gift to help us finish modernizing visit our page online at www.cccb.edu/give, or click the donate button below.


The orange carpet will be replaced with a neutral color that is more attractive and durable. Some wooden benches will be replaced with individual seats. Other benches will be repainted to match our school color. Estimated cost: $45,000


The back stage curtains will be black for better lighting control. The front curtain will be crimson to match our school color.

The stage floor will be painted black for durability and appearance.

Estimated cost: $16,000


  • The sound booth will relocate to the upper level with all tech equipment grouped together.
  • A concession stand will be constructed in the upper corner for games and events.
  • Additional lighting and sound equipment will be added to improve event productions.
  • Handicapped seating location will be added for wheelchair-bound event attendees.

Estimated cost: $15,000

Thank you for helping us renovate the Ferneau Center for our students and spectators at campus activities.


The new curtains are in!

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