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More Sports for Students, Less Cost for Central

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This has been a year of incredible transition for the athletic programs at CCCB. Last year, it became apparent that fielding six intercollegiate sports teams was going to be difficult in the current climate. So we decided to take a good look at our sports programs and see what we could do to lay a better foundation for future success. Our goals were to support our mission to “develop servant-leaders for the church,” provide opportunities for our student body to participate in sports with other colleges in our area, and remain fiscally responsible as an institution. Accomplishing these three goals would require a rebuilding phase to orient our sports programs to the modern Bible college market.

Jack Defreitas and Reggie Chapple coach our basketball teams. cccbsaints.com

The following changes were made to pursue these goals. First, we decided to discontinue participating in men’s and women’s cross country, men’s soccer and women’s volleyball at the intercollegiate level for a couple of years. This freed up some institutional resources that were not being maximized in those programs. Then, we reallocated some of those resources towards maximizing the recruiting efforts of our basketball program by adding a full-time women’s coach, Reggie Chapple. Coach Chapple has shown himself to be an incredible asset to our basketball program and our staff. Finally, we transitioned four of our intercollegiate sports – men’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s cross country – to become club sports, effective for the Fall of 2017.

Club sports provide an opportunity for students to play on organized teams without the rigorous demands of an intercollegiate sport. To accomplish this, we have partnered with Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri, to participate in their club/intramural program. CMU has approximately 1,000 on-campus students, and a well-developed club/intramural sports program. They were excited to have CCCB students form teams and compete in their leagues.

Club Sports are student-led activities for us, so we provide transportation to CMU for events. All of the games/matches take place in the evening with each sport being played on different nights. This has led to more participation by our student body and a wider variety of sports we can be involved in. Currently we have teams participating in 7-on-7 flag football and co-ed softball. Later in the year, we will assemble teams in co-ed sand volleyball, ping-pong, soccer, and indoor volleyball. We look forward to seeing how this partnership will provide our students more opportunities for involvement at less overall cost for Central.

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