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My Story: Jordan Dodge

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This Article was written by Jordan Dodge (Class of 2018)

I never expected that attending Central Christian College of the Bible would change my life completely. Looking back on the past couple of years, I now realize I would have been a completely different person had I not heard about Central’s generous scholarship program and decided to attend here.

Since I was little, my family has attended a Lutheran church in St. Louis, Missouri. I went through Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Confirmation throughout my time at that church. My youth leaders in middle school and high school inspired me to become a counselor because I loved being able to help people and wanted to learn how to more helpful.

As I was deciding where to attend college, a Central student named Bill Grueninger asked about my college plans. I told him about wanting to become a counselor, but had no idea where to attend school. He told me about Central, their counseling program he was enrolled in, and the generous scholarships he received to make it affordable. I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend school there because I knew it was a small campus. But I talked to my parents and we set up a day to tour the campus. I instantly fell in love with the campus and filled out an application that night.

My first few months here were honestly some of the hardest months for me, but they were also full of humbling experiences. I had very little knowledge of the Bible, and I quickly realized that as I went through classes. I had a difficult time learning what I did not already know while also re-evaluating some of the presuppositions that I already had. I was so overwhelmed at first because of all of the new knowledge, but through the different professors and the knowledge I was receiving, I started to learn what it actually means to be a Christian. This was something that I thought I knew and had down, but God humbled me my first semester and showed me that I needed to surrender my life to him. At the beginning of my second semester, after learning and understanding what it means to be a Christian, I surrendered my life to Christ and was baptized. I had a new understanding of Christianity that I never realized before, and I knew that my salvation was to be lived out daily and as Christians we are to proclaim the great name of God.

During my time at Central, I have been involved in a couple of areas of service that I have fallen in love with. For the past three years I have been a part of the short-term trips for Outreach Week. My freshman year I traveled to Ecuador for a mission trip, and during my sophomore and junior years I have led mission teams to Ecuador. These trips provided the opportunity to serve as an intern with Jungle Kids for Christ in Misahuallí, Ecuador this past summer. This was an opportunity I will never forget.

I have also served as a Resident Assistant during my time at Central. Being an RA has provided me with many opportunities to become closer to the girls who live on my floor. I have the opportunity to grow in Christ together with the girls on my floor throughout the year. I have made wonderful friendships with my past RAs, and I have made wonderful friendships while being an RA that I would never trade. Having the opportunity to be an RA is a humbling experience that I am thankful for.

As my time at Central is coming to an end, I plan to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Cross-Cultural Ministry and a minor in Counseling. After I graduate, I plan to get married soon after and begin to raise money to do missions in Ecuador with Jungle Kids for Christ. My husband and I plan to live in Ecuador for about two years in order to learn Spanish. Then we will move to the jungle and see where God takes us next.

My life has been completely changed because I attended Central Christian College of the Bible. I would not be the person I am today nor would I be so passionate about missions without attending Central. Because of the generous scholarship program Central offers, I will be able to graduate with very little debt which will help me as I go on the mission field. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn what it means to be a Christian and to fall in love with missions while attending Central.

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