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Expanding Two Family Legacies into New Ministries

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The Leinbaugh and Nichols families have been in the ministry for generations. Jason Leinbaugh and Marah Nichols observed the lifelong ministries of their grandparents (John Leinbaugh and Sherm Nichols) and parents (Bob & Teri Leinbaugh and Paul & Mary Nichols).

When Jason (‘03) and Marah (‘04) came to Central, they both wanted to do something for the Kingdom. After getting married, they set out to develop their ministries as their family has grown.

Jason describes the different ministry hats he wears in the following paragraphs.

Camp Manager

I was hired in April 2003 to be the Camp Manager for Gasconade Christian Service Camp (near Waynesville, Missouri) before I graduated from CCCB in May. I have been apart of GCSC since 1992 as I grew up attending camp, working as faculty/dean, and now as camp manager. I have been entrusted to care for the facilities, oversee the programming, present updates to supporting churches, secure paid staff, and handle the day-to-day operations.

Since my time at Gasconade, we have been able to make multiple improvements to the facilities to double the programming. Currently we are installing windows/doors/HVAC in our dorms to make them usable year-round. Taking two years of vocational school (building trades) during high school definitely paid off! We are also building a hospitality facility. Our camp directors, trustees, and ministers are the best to work with! Their support and guidance, and unwavering love for the Lord has helped continue this ministry’s success.

School Psychological Examiner

For the past six years, I have been working full-time as a School Psychological Examiner (SPE) and two years as a Behavior Intervention Specialist for the Waynesville R-VI School District. I spend most of my time administering IQ and academic assessments, interpreting behavioral measures, writing diagnostic reports, and attending meetings to discuss the findings with colleagues. I am housed at Ft. Leonard Wood at the district’s early childhood facility and do a majority of the testing for this building and the three elementary schools on the base. I work with students throughout the district from two years old to 21 years old.

Jason and his daughter pose for a picture on the first day of school.

This school year, I have been co-teaching a graduate course for others to become certified as SPE’s through Lindenwood University. As a Behavior Intervention Specialist, I am providing behavioral interventions to some of the more involved/complicated, poorly behaved, students within the district. A reoccurring theme I found with these students: they simply want attention. They want to be loved, praised, rewarded, hugged, and disciplined.

Online Teacher

I was recently asked to develop and teach an online course for CCCB called Youth and Family Counseling. I was honored to be asked to teach for my Alma Mater and am hopeful the course will be beneficial to the Kingdom. Working with many students and families within the public school, teaching for 5 years at a local community college (Ozarks Technical College – Waynesville), and being a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), has provided a lot of relevant insight to offer other counselors-in-training or ministers.

I am scheduled to teach two online courses next semester and to develop a new online counseling course. CCCB has a high commitment to academic rigor and relevance, is biblically conservative, and is actively preparing students to become servant-leaders for the Kingdom. I am humbled to now have a small part in it.

Family Man

I somehow managed to convince Marah Nichols to marry me 15 years ago; still not sure how. We began our education at Central the same year and were married at Christmas break our junior year. Both of our parents also attended and graduated from Central. Many more of our family members have attended Central and worked for the school, too. We have the three most beautiful, intelligent, creative, spunky, and talkative girls that have ever existed. The names Magdalene (Maggie), Arimathea (Thea), and Cyrene (CeCe) can all be found in Matthew 27 and the girls can be found at Gasconade Camp enjoying the outdoors, music, and anything Disney!

Marah and I are actively involved at Christ’s Mission Church in St. Robert, Missouri. Prior to attending Christ’s Mission, I served as the youth minister in Crocker, Missouri. for 7 years. Marah has always been encouraging and patient with me while I take on new roles, seek more education, or work on multiple projects at the camp. Marah is one of the most loving, generous, conscientious, beautiful, and supportive Christians I know and an excellent example of what a Christian mother should be.

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