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My Story: Adam Fincher

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Central Christian College of the Bible has been an amazing place for me to learn and grow in my walk with Christ. I have loved the chance to attend school on such a great campus where the learning is so intentional and the prices are incredibly affordable.

Both of my parents attended Central, and so I grew up with the College already in my heritage.  My dad was a preacher and music minister and I got to spend a lot of time watching him work at a local church. He also worked for the College, so I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with Central students and professors as I grew up. Central was always a home away from home for me, and I always knew that one day I would go to college there.

As I grew older, I learned to serve in the Church musically, and by helping with youth group activities and giving devotions. This strengthened my calling and desire to learn more about ministry. I had been in Sunday school my whole life, but I wanted to learn how the Bible should be interpreted, and to learn all the details that Sunday school simply didn’t get to. I knew that Central could teach me everything that I wanted to learn about the Bible.

Since I was from Moberly, my college career took a different path. I started Central classes my Senior year of High School, which helped me develop closer friendships with the students here. I could lead and plan chapel worship, attend devotions, and spend time with fellow students.

When I moved to the dorm, I joined the cross country team and had a great experience running with Jason Poznich, the professor of preaching at Central. He encouraged me to take some preaching classes even though I was just wanting to get a degree in Christian ministries. God used this as an opportunity to show me that he could take skills and talents from my life that I didn’t even know I had, all to serve His Kingdom.

While attending Central, I served on the traveling worship team and got the opportunity to visit many different supporting churches. I also did a year of supply preaching. These ministries helped me to see how God’s Church is connected in different places. The churches I served encouraged me to keep developing my gifts of music and preaching and to use my life as a service to Christ.

I have completed an Associate of Worship Arts, and a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries with a minor in preaching.  I hope to find a career that can provide for my wife, Valerie, and me while serving God and his Church with the talents he has given me.

I believe that God blesses us with gifts we can use to glorify him in many different ways, and Central has taught me that no matter what I am doing, it is my job to use my gifts for his Church.  I am thankful for all of the classes I have taken at Central and for all the knowledge I have gained about God’s word. My understanding of the scriptures has become more complete because of my time at Central. I am so thankful for the professors at the college and my fellow students who have encouraged me and helped me to grow. I am also so thankful for all the people who donate to the school and make it possible for students like me to come learn God’s word at such an affordable price.

We are able to provide generous scholarships for students like Adam because of generous support from friends, alumni, and churches.

Your support of our ministry will help us train more servant-leaders for the church. 


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