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Remembering the Days of Old

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Dr. David Fincher (‘93)

While praying in the fear of his enemies, the Psalmist included these words, “I remember the days of old; I meditate on all You have done; I reflect on the work of Your hands.” (Psalm 143:5, HCSB)  If David is the author of this psalm, he may be remembering situations a few years earlier in his life, when God was working to strengthen the nation and defeat Israel’s enemies.  But he may also be remembering what God had done generations earlier, even before David’s birth, to establish and bless Israel with His powerful hand.  David knew that those earlier events led to his time where he was chosen to step in and “serve his own generation in God’s plan.” (Acts 13:36).  God used David’s gifts and heart to lead his own people.

Sometimes I feel like that as well.  Thirty years ago, others told me what God was doing through the work of Central Christian College of the Bible, and I wanted to be part of it.  This participation started during my high school years and continued as I enrolled in college. It shifted after graduation while I served at a church that supported Central financially.  From 1987 to 1996, my main appreciation of Central was what the faculty and staff did for the students, which I celebrated and enjoyed.

In 1996, our donors made pledges that allowed us to reach the goals of the Impact the New Century campaign, one of which was to hire an additional faculty member.  When I accepted that role, it opened my understanding on a new level: CCCB could only succeed when churches and individuals believed that what God was doing through the College was worthy of their support.  Since then, whether as a faculty member, administrator, or President, I have constantly been amazed at how God has used kind and generous people to meet our needs.

Many of our friends “remember the days of old” and believe that what has happened here since 1957 is worth celebrating and continuing to support.  As you read the following pages, I hope you will reflect on the work that God has done through our efforts at Central Christian College of the Bible.  Thank Him for raising up both leaders and supporters who have been whole-heartedly committed to our mission.  Ask Him for favor and blessings upon our graduates and the churches where they serve.

And perhaps you would like to be part of the work we are doing through your own generous gift.  There is an envelope at the center of this newsletter to help you send your donation, financial commitment, or other information.  Thanks to God’s work and His people, we have been able to accomplish much together in the past 60 years.  Your part in that may be great or small, but God will use it for His glory and service.  Thank you for your support.




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