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Reflecting on Central’s Eternal Impact

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Is there a way to measure the effects of a Bible College?  We can see where our students come from and try to keep track of what they do after they leave.  Students have attended Central from all 50 states and over 40 foreign countries. Although we cannot know the full measure of Central’s influence until heaven, we can see glimpses of how God has used our work to make an eternal impact.

Central has influenced more churches in our area and around the world than we can possibly know.  Our staff and graduates have strengthened and encouraged thousands of churches, filled pulpits with thousands of sermons, and started hundreds of new churches.  Over the past 60 years, our alumni have served churches in all 50 states.  This has fulfilled our mission of Developing Servant-Leaders for the Church.

But the impact of Central goes far beyond local churches started and served by our graduates.  Two children’s homes have strong roots to the College.

Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch was started by two CCCB students:  Stan Way and Don McCain.  Jay Craig was been the director for many years, and he attended CCCB.  When Shiloh began, the college did something very unusual:  we allowed Shiloh to have a one-time use of our mailing list to help them promote the news of their mission to others.  Their ongoing success is strongly tied to the churches and supporters of CCCB.

Show-Me Christian Youth Home was started by Stanley and Essilee Hinten, who had come from the Mexico/Benton City area to attend night classes.  They wanted to do for Missouri what Cookson Hills was doing elsewhere, and from that dream, Show-Me was created.

In the realm of campus ministries, Central has had a strong university presence in the Missouri campuses of Columbia, Kirksville, Rolla, Warrensburg, Maryville, and St. Joseph.  Graduates in the last decade have gone to campuses in Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, New York, South Dakota, and Arizona.  This means that countless university students across the nation have been influenced by the ministry of CCCB.

Numerous graduates have started long-term missions work around the world, including Haiti, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia and a number of countries in Africa.  Our student teams travel each year to various locations to provide assistance and encouragement to those missionaries.

Your support of Central Christian College of the Bible does more than just provide for Bible teaching and ministry training.  It sends servant-leaders into all the world to make disciples. When that happens, Central certainly creates an eternal impact.

Your support will help us train more servant-leaders for the church. 


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