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This article was written by Dr. David Fincher, our President.

Farmers in the midwest, for the most part, enjoyed an abundant harvest last year.  Excellent weather conditions and technological advances in seed and fertilizer helped make outstanding yields possible.

In Luke 10:2, Jesus told his disciples, “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few.  Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”  God wants His harvest to have an abundant yield, both in the fields and in the world.  An abundant harvest requires lots of work.  That’s why we pray for more harvest workers.  Jesus tells His workers and those of us praying for them that it takes prayer to keep enough laborers in the harvest.  We can obey Jesus’ command by offering two specific prayers for harvest workers.   

We can pray for current workers to be encouraged. Many workers already serve in God’s harvest field.  Jesus sent 70 in this passage (Luke 10:1).  Hundreds of thousands serve the Lord around the world, helping to reap the abundant harvest that exists.  But it’s easy for current workers to get discouraged and quit.  Sometimes they feel outnumbered, because they only see a “few” others.  Sometimes they feel uncertain, like “lambs among wolves” (10:3).  And Jesus promised that some workers will be rejected by the very people they told about Christ (10:10).

When you see a discouraged worker, pray for them to receive encouragement. It is encouraging when a worker finds a partner (Jesus sent them in pairs), receives hospitality from those who hear the Word, and receives sufficient wages.  Occasionally, I hear about a Central graduate no longer in the ministry or on the mission field.  It makes me wonder if a little more encouragement could have helped them stay.

We can also pray for future workers to be obedient. Not everyone gifted by God and capable of harvest work will serve.  But Jesus still needs more workers for his field.  It isn’t very glamorous or prestigious to serve in those fields.  Many other jobs are more attractive.  But a few things will help them be more obedient.  A big part of the process was for them to go out and see what it was like to serve Christ.  After He sent them to all the places He would later go, they “returned with joy” (10:17) because they saw what happened.

We develop servant-leaders for the church at Central by recruiting and training workers.  They see what it’s like to go out on behalf of Christ to various places and serve others.  We appreciate when you pray for us to recruit new students and train them to serve Him.  We also need people like you to help us financially by sharing resources.  Our students and graduates are encouraged by knowing that committed Christians have supported our generous scholarship program.  Will you consider sharing a gift that will help us answer Jesus’ prayer for more harvest workers?  If you would, please visit cccb.edu/give



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