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Dalton Erickson (Rockford, Illinois) Senior Student
Dalton Erickson (Rockford, Illinois)
Senior Student

I come from a Christian family that rarely misses a chance to be in church. We are very active at Central Christian Church in Rockford, Illinois.  My plan before CCCB was to be a science teacher. I also had thoughts of becoming a scientist and working for Answers in Genesis. After a few situations arose, it became obvious to me that I needed to train to become a minister. I thought that youth ministry was what I was being called to.

With this new self-realization, I decided to start visiting Christian Colleges.  On my way to visit another campus, I stopped at my cousin’s house. He is the camp director at LaMoine Christian Camp. He told me that CCCB offered generous scholarships and that we should stop by on the way.  So I did and it became my new first choice.

Central definitely held up to the expectations that I had set up for it on my college visits. I remember the first day, meeting my roommate, and then practically pushing my parents out the door as soon as we unpacked the car. That night consisted of sand volleyball. I have never been that good at volleyball but everyone that played was very encouraging. It showed me the type of students that this school attracts: genuine students who truly love others.

When classes started, I appreciated that I was already thinking the same way as the school as far as my theology is concerned. As the days went on I was finding friends with ease and was learning more and more from the great professors at the school. This trend has continued on for the next three years.

Through the Christian Service Fair my freshman year, I was able to get plugged into an after-school program at a nearby church. At this program I was able to work with elementary school kids and help them with homework. It was a great opportunity.

Another opportunity I had was to be a member of a traveling worship team, All The Earth. I was able to serve different churches all around by helping lead the worship service. I was able to meet many young people and encourage them to apply to Central. In fact, two students that we talked to are now attending here.

Attending Central Christian College of the Bible solidified my decision to choose youth ministry as my life’s ambition. Generous scholarships that are offered by dedicated supporters of the College allowed me to comfortably afford my education. I feel very privileged to have received such an opportunity.

As graduation is approaching, I am considering going straight into a Master’s of Strategic Ministries program through Johnson University. I am also considering going into a ministry to get some experience under my belt before starting a master’s degree. Way down the road, I would love to become a college professor. I suppose I still have that little voice in me from high school telling me to become a teacher.   


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