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Remembering Our Heritage

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Dr. David Fincher (‘93) president@cccb.edu
Dr. David Fincher (‘93)

Wedding anniversaries are a great time to celebrate the values that made the relationship succeed.  When two people fulfill their commitments to each other, everyone sees the legacy they produced.

As we begin our 60th year at Central Christian College of the Bible, our heritage is celebrated in several ways. Hebrews 13:7 says, “Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.”  That verse helps us see four aspects of remembering our heritage.

First, those in positions of leadership should be honored.  The Greek word for “those who led” refers to positions of leadership.  We regularly remember the original Board of Directors and administrators who started Central in 1957, but honor doesn’t end there.  Dozens of board members, several presidents, and multiple administrators have worked together to lead Central.  Some are no longer with us, but many are still alive.  Remembering their service brings joy and pleasant memories, as we celebrate the contributions that each made to our heritage.

Second, important lessons of Scripture should be heard.  Central’s faculty, “who spoke the word of God,” have an irreplaceable role in our heritage.  Their preparation, sacrifice, and teaching brought many lessons we still need to hear.  Central’s original purpose was to recruit and train leaders for the church at large according to the teaching of the New Testament.  All of us who attended as students or heard the faculty preach or teach can testify that their lessons from God’s Word have supported that purpose.  We have brought together believers from around the country and around the world, to learn Biblical truths of Christian life and church leadership in the classroom and online.  Those lectures, notes, and conversations continue to be heard in every sermon and lesson that Central’s students share with others.

In addition, examples of behavior should be upheld.  Many students saw a Christian example lived out while enrolled that was different than they ever experienced before.  Models of generosity and gentleness leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.  The “result of their conduct” becomes changed lives and attitudes, which in turn bring change to families and churches.  Attending Bible college exposes believers to the best of the body of Christ.  These examples are never forgotten and lead to lifelong relationships.

Finally, critical decisions of faith should be heeded.  Many faithful decisions have defined Central’s first 60 years.  Purchasing a property to remodel before any student ever enrolled demonstrated faith.  Relocating the campus to the current location required enhanced faith.  Providing an affordable education and personalizing scholarships demonstrated extreme faith. Along the way, every church and individual who financially supports Central shows generous faith that God will supply both the needs of the giver and the needs of the College.

As we celebrate our anniversary this year, the leaders, lessons, behaviors, and decisions that have characterized Central’s 60 years will be clearly seen.  As you read this magazine, I hope you will better appreciate our heritage.  Thank you for your interest in our ministry.

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