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The end of the calendar year is a season where we recognize our blessings, thank God for them, and share them with others through gifts of our time, talents and financial resources.  It is a time to take account of what we have gained, and make choices on how to best manage God’s provision.

Recognizing that God has given us more than enough to meet our personal and family needs, we seek ways to provide the greatest benefit to others through our sharing.  As we enter the last three months of 2016, would you review some of the opportunities available to help you expand your generosity?

Are you selling securities, real estate or a business this year, with resulting capital gains tax which might be avoided?

Are you over age 70½ and don’t need this year’s required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA?

Do you expect a change in your tax bracket next year (lower or higher)?

At Central, we are pleased to have recently established a partnership with Co:Mission Foundation (www.comissionfoundation.org).  They  provide practical and useful information and tools for Christian stewardship and generosity to our friends and supporters.   The Co:Mission team has many decades of experience and knowledge in this area.  They have helped thousands of Christian families avoid taxes and leverage their desire to give.  They stand ready to serve you before the year’s end – without cost or obligation.

If you would like to explore ways to expand your generosity and reduce your taxes during this Season of Sharing, here are several ways you can get more information:

Check out the Co:Mission website (www.comissiongiving.org) to find examples of donor stories, gift options, and a personal planner.

Talk with our Co:Mission liaison, David Duncan, either by phone (417-437-4774) or email (dduncan@comissionfoundation.org).

Learn about projects that your stewardship can help us accomplish by contacting our Director of Stewardship, Alan Wilson, either by phone (660-372-2484) or email (alanwilson@cccb.edu).

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