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Kevin Lanzone is pictured with his wife Kristen. Kevin currently serves as the Faith Formation Coordinator at Morning Star Church in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri.

The time I spent in the Residency program at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix totally changed the way that I look at ministry. While everything I learned at Central was valuable, so much of it was just theory and discussion. At CCV, you could SEE what church growth and leadership looked like; what impact it could have on a community.

The multi-site model that all Residents participate in, the leadership training from both those in the church and those connected to the corporate world, and the actual opportunities to manage volunteers, reach out to first time guests and make pastoral decisions was a real eye opener for me. It taught me to dream bigger to what the church can do. It taught me that the church isn’t a place only for the churched, which, unfortunately, it can become all too often.

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