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In January, we welcomed back many students who have been preparing for ministry for some time.  At the same time, a brand new batch of disciples started their educational experience with us. It always amazes me how our buildings go from empty to teeming with activity in just a couple of days.

Each new semester energizes me with the enthusiasm that comes from mutual preparation for the kingdom task. As a Greek teacher, it is enjoyable for me to introduce a new group of students to the beautiful intricacies of the language and continue teaching a group whose language skills got a little rusty over the break. It is a blessing for me to work with a group of committed faculty and staff and with a group of resident assistants ready to continue their ministry. My job allows for interaction with a group of students who have been taking the task of discipleship seriously on our campus as well as a group of new students who are entering this discipleship program.

I was reminded of the passage in John 10:7 where Jesus tells his listeners, “I am the door of the sheep.” In this passage, Jesus is giving a pointed reminder to the religious leaders of His time that He, and only He, is the entrance which allows the sheep to enter into a relationship providing life.  It is not ordinary life but “abundant” life. Jesus goes on to make it clear that this incredible relationship is only available to those who hear and follow His voice.

The thread which runs like a strong cord through all of the activities happening on our campus is the effort to link our lives to the eternal work: introducing this relationship to those who have not yet heard His voice and growing the relationship in those of us who have been listening for awhile.

As we start a new year it seems like a good time to be reminded that our lives will take on a richness which cannot be gained anywhere else when we walk through the Door into the company of the Great Shepherd. Our goal this year should be to cultivate our ears to hear and our minds to perceive the voice of our Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

ammon2Darryl Ammon sold his business and moved to Moberly, Missouri, from Rupert, Idaho, in August 2002. He and his youngest daughter enrolled as students and they both graduated in May 2006. Darryl continued his education at Lincoln Christian Seminary, earning a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership in 2008. Darryl serves as Executive Director of Student Development and Instructor in Greek. In addition to his work at Central, he is the preaching minister at Prairie Hill Christian Church, near Salisbury, Missouri. He and Teresa (support assistant in the Admissions Department), have two grown daughters and two granddaughters. You can contact him by email at darrylammon@cccb.edu.


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