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Issue 11: July 2020


My name is Amy Martel (Class of ‘20), and I currently serve at CONNECT Christian Camp and have been developing a Leadership Development Program for this summer that I am excited to share with high school students. My degree has given me the confidence to study on a deeper level and to apply scripture in a way that I was not able to before.

I see myself growing more and sharpening my abilities to serve continually. I have felt called to serve in ministry my whole life and do not see that changing.

Why I Chose to Finish my Degree Online

I have always regretted the fact that I did not finished my degree when I was first enrolled at Central. It has always been a goal of mine to be able to return and finish up the degree that I originally started, but life had gotten in the way so many times that I could never commit. Even this time around, there were many times when I felt as though I couldn’t do it because my life was so busy and demanding that it was very difficult to give my studies what they deserved. I could not have done it without the support of my boss, my husband, and my family. They truly pushed me to succeed.

I have had the opportunity to serve in ministry the past 10 years in different ways. I wanted to be able to have the completed degree to use as a foundation for opening opportunities within other ministries where God calls me. I did not want the unfinished work to hold me back for my future.

Why I Would Encourage Others to Pursue Online Education at Central

Central is full of professors with integrity and people who truly care about your success in ministry. I have been prayed for, encouraged, and have made life-long friends through my time at Central. On top of all of that, Central is affordable.

What I Like About Central’s Online Program

The incredible professors put a lot of time and effort into connecting the students in an effective way. An online forum has its challenges, one being connecting the students to each other, the material, and to the professor. There are a lot of resources available today to be able to connect more efficiently and effectively and many professors use those well. I truly appreciated their work behind the scenes to make the classes as complete as they did. The layout of the Canvas software is user friendly and easily accessible anywhere. There were many times that I read or listened to my lectures on my cell phone while I waited to pick up my kids. I had to stay on top of things because it was easy to get behind and procrastinate.

How Online Education Fit My Life

Online is the only way that I would have been able to finish my degree. I spent a lot of time early in the morning before my kids were awake to complete schoolwork. The 4 am wake up call was the best time of day for me to balance. And I say balance cautiously because there was very little balance. I struggled to keep up, but the flexibility of online forums allowed me to plan accordingly and to make it work.


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