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3531_10102041080575304_7258830545173715238_nHometown: La Plata, Missouri

Years Attended CCCB: 1994-1998

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science, Major in Youth Ministry & Minor in Missions

Current Ministry: Student Minister at Capital City Christian Church (Jefferson City, Missouri)

Email: troy@capitalcitychristian.net

Who was your most influential teacher and why?

Although I only took a few classes with Mr. Bob Stacy, his impact on me was tremendous. He and I would often meet in his office or for lunch. While these casual visits were about life and ministry, I found that I gained as much from those visits as I did in any class. I can safely say that if it were not for Mr. Stacy, I would not be in ministry today.

What activities were you involved in as a student?

While at Central I was a member of Harvesters, Year Book, Student Council, and the Men’s Basketball program while serving in local churches in weekend ministry. I also had the great hon or of representing Central for 17 weeks of summer church camps throughout the mid-west.

Tell us about your family:

I am engaged to be married to Kiesha Daulton, a music director at Jefferson City Public High School. Our wedding will be on August 6, 2016.

Describe your current ministry position:

I have served as the Student Minister at Capital City Christian Church in Jefferson City for the past 15 years. I oversee the spiritual growth of youth from birth-12th grade.

Previous ministries:

Milan Christian Church, 1997-2000

What is an example of a recent ministry success you would encourage others to try?

In the past five years, we have developed a very active student missions program where we have partnered with several existing ministries in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Each year we send a team of students to work alongside ministries located in the ghettos, slums and city dump. We have seen this not only change our team members and our student ministry, but also our entire church as well. Now besides sending a team once a year, our student ministry also works to raise support for the ministries in Guatemala City. So far we have helped to build a school; we have funded a community building, and now provide regular support for a feeding program for children in impoverished areas of the city.

How have you changed since being at Central?

Since my time at Central, I have continued to grow personally and spiritually. There are so many things that the current me would like to go and share with the younger version of myself. However, my greatest area of growth has been in my ability to communicate and to be a part of a team. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead of me as God continues to shape and mold me.

What final message would you like to give to other alumni?

It is my honor to represent Christ and to serve in His ministry. I would have never imagined on graduation all opportunities that would lay ahead and positions that I would be into influence so many. I am very grateful for my alma mater for giving me the tools to continue in my life of ministry.

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